A   A disturbing story of child abduction – and what happens when our "justice" system fails us.

www.afathersnightmare.com was created by Dan Major. My life has been a series of unfortunate events maliciously created by Sherry Major. She is a chronic liar, fraud artist extraordinaire and admitted criminal with highly questionable mental health issues. She has yet to be held accountable for her actions predominantly due to her "intimate" relationship with the York Regional Police, as well as others within "the system" who are far more concerned with making money and covering their own butts than they are with simply doing the right thing.  The children are collateral damage in this game played by those within the system.


    • Your wife claims she has terminal cancer and needs intensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments
    • You live in fear that she will die of cancer and your kids will grow up without a mother
    • You later discover your wife never had cancer, chemotherapy or radiation and her gynecologist seeks to admit her to a psychiatric ward because he questions her mental health
    • You naïvely believe your wife’s issues can be handled at home
    • You realize that your wife has stolen several hundred thousand dollars from you and has been intercepting your mail and telephone calls to hide her crimes
    • Your wife, a known habitual liar, accuses you of assault and has you repeatedly arrested even though you have done nothing wrong
    • Your situation worsens when your children are abducted!
    • You discover that your life with your wife has been nothing but a long term scheme of elaborate lies and scams from the very day you met her – and that she is a cold-hearted criminal
    • You suspect your wife has impersonated a doctor for many years as part of her scam
    • You report your suspicions to the York Regional Police and the York Region Children’s Aid Society but your allegations fall on deaf ears
    • You suspect that the "investigating" police officer who arrested (and threatened) you was having an “inappropriate relationship” with your wife – but the “authorities” do nothing
    • Your search to locate your children takes 6-1/2 years!!

     What would you do?  How would you cope?  Why didn't the "authorities" help?  How far would you go to bring your children home? How long would you carry on the fight to bring your children home?

    I love my children and want them back in my life in a meaningful manner. 

    Not a day has gone by since they were initially withheld from me on February 9, 2002 that they have not been in my thoughts.  Unfortunately, the York Regional Police and the Children's Aid Society helped my children's kidnapper, Sherry R. Major (who also has nine known aliases).   I want the YRP and CAS to correct their earlier mistakes but they won’t so I need to go public to help BRING MY CHILDREN HOME. 

    I want accountability but “experts” say I am “unreasonable” to expect my children to be returned to their LEGAL home.  I think the experts are just trying to cover their butts after making mistakes on this case many years ago.  They hide behind claims of my “children’s best interests” so I point out inconvenient truths and ask them how it is in my kids’ best interests for the following to occur?:

    • the children were criminally abducted to Nova Scotia by Sherry Major while I spent three years tied up in criminal court matters battling bogus criminal charges related to repeated arrests because of Sherry Major’s lies against me
    • Sherry Major lied to the children about me their entire lives – she cut my face out of family pictures she showed them – she said I was “the bad man” that “hurt mommy”, that I am a “monster”, and sometimes even claimed that I beat the children
    • Sherry Major told the children they have a “dead baby brother named Jordan” (named after Sherry Major’s affair with York Regional Police officer Terry Jordan)
    • Detective Terry Jordan arrested Dan Major on bogus charges while he maintained his longstanding affair with Sherry!
    • Sherry Major told many people within her current community that the birth scar on her neck was from being attacked by Dan Major with a knife, claiming I tried to slit her throat and was sent to prison for 10 years for attempted murder (thus explaining my absence in his children’s lives – albeit with a massive lie)
    • the children have been totally denied the opportunity of knowing their father’s extended family – approximately 60 people within 90 minutes of their last LEGAL home in Toronto
    • Even the CAS wrote about Sherry Major’s mental health concerns.  Sherry faked having terminal cancer, then had a bogus “miracle baby” story that was featured in the December 24, 2000 Toronto Star newspaper.  Her own gynecologist wanted to admit her to a Psychiatric Ward
    • Sherry Major has continually used her children as shields or pawns in her scams to take advantage of other people and then to escape being held accountable for her actions
    • Although it might not leave visible bruises PSYCHOLOGICAL and EMOTIONAL ABUSE is CHILD ABUSE!
    • "the experts” refused to let counsellors (Sherry Major’s and the children’s) know the truth about her criminal background and mental health issues – therefore, they believe Sherry’s lies and think Dan Major is the “mafia monster” Sherry claims – they also misdiagnosed the children based on Sherry’s lies
    • Sherry confiscated pictures and gifts that I gave to the children after I temporarily recovered them in the summer of 2008

    This is a severe case of Parental Alienation by Sherry Major, yet “the experts” refuse to do anything about it


    by Sherry Major!!!




    and the 

    York Region


    were involved …


     … IN THE COVER-UP!!!



    It was soon discovered that Sherry was a massive fraud artist

    who was having an affair with the "investigating" YRP detective.

    I was repeatedly arrested and abused because I fought to reveal the truth.

    To what lengths would I go to my kids back and reclaim my life?

    Find out by reading my tragic story



    • My name is Dan Major
    • Born and raised in a small south-western Ontario farming community in the early 1960s
    • Acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Western Ontario in 1985, then moved to Toronto
    • Met Sherry Vardy (originally from Hickman’s Harbour on Random Island, Newfoundland) in late 1994 – she told me she was in the first year of a four-year post-graduate program to become a doctor – I fell for this first of many major lies
    • Married Sherry in August 1996
    • Helped finance Sherry’s “education” while furthering my own successful career – Sherry claimed that my “investment” in her education would be repaid with my own early retirement if I so desired (on the premise she would be making lots of money)
    • Sherry supposedly graduated in 1998 but only worked for a few months before becoming pregnant – I was ecstatic when our son was born in August 1999 – I was less than enthralled that Sherry had run up considerable debts over the years but didn’t contribute to repaying these
    • Moved to a new four-bedroom house in upscale Unionville just prior to son’s birth
    • Had financial success both in my career and in my investing – one particular stock market unit increased in value by $240,000 in early 2000
    • Told Sherry of my financial windfall – less than two weeks later she claimed to me that she had been diagnosed with terminal cervical, uterine and lung cancer – she conned me into giving her large chunks of this money on the pretense that I would recover anything given to her from my $400,000 life insurance policy on her – I fell for this scam
    • Sherry faked her cancer and accompanying symptoms, including treatments that had her hair falling out in clumps
    • In late December 2000 I did not know until two days before delivery of our second child, in an emergency situation in our home, that Sherry was even pregnant because she claimed all along that the abdominal swelling was the side effects of her chemotherapy and radiation treatments – I fell for this scam, as did the Toronto Star when they reported on the “miracle baby” in a full-page story on December 24, 2001
    • Contacted by Sherry’s irate gynecologist after the Star story, Sherry and I met with him in late December – he informed me that Sherry knew she was pregnant all along and probably never had cancer – he sought to admit her to the Psychiatric ward at Markham-Stouffville Hospital – Sherry convinced me to not let him do so
    • Later that same day I discovered Sherry had put over $100,000 in cash advances on my credit cards and lines of credit – I was irate – however, she convinced me she had purchased equipment for her new clinic and would soon repay the money – I fell for this lie too
    • By early 2001, Sherry’s “cancer” was in full remission – however, she seemingly had little interest in working and contributing to our finances despite supposedly having spent eight years in university to become a doctor
    • The money was gone – what wasn’t already given to the “dying” Sherry had been spent on “things” to make the supposed last year of her life more enjoyable – including $150,000 spent on home renovations, a pool and landscaping
    • We had frequent arguments over Sherry’s lack of contribution – and the fact that most things out of her mouth seemed to be lies – I threatened to call the police to report her apparent fraud – she made the call first, and with repeated false allegations against me she proceeded to not only steal my money, but also my children, my freedom and everything I had ever worked for.  I was fortunate to even survive what she put me through.  Here’s how she did it.



    ARREST #1 – May 24, 2001

    • I was arrested on two bogus charges of domestic assault that Sherry alleged occurred in late December 2000
    • detained in maximum-security Metro West Detention Centre (MWDC) until bailed out by mother on May 26
    • forced to move out of my house indefinitely and take an anger management course as mandated by the court to even be considered as a candidate worthy of being allowed to return to my own home (that I was still paying for)


    • Sherry knew I intended to report her fraud to the police – she consequently took a preemptive strike against me with her assault claim, thereby setting the “wheels of injustice” into gear


    • Oct 3, 2001 – the Crown Attorney’s office claimed they would drag the matter out for another 1-1/2 years and prevent me from seeing my children during that time so I “took one for the team” and copped a plea bargain to a simple assault and an uttered threat so that I was finally able to move back home
    • received a conditional discharge – this was NOT a conviction!
    • Sherry Major signed document that allowed me to move back home the day of the plea (Irony? the very day I was "officially" "dangerous" was the same day I was knowingly moving back home with my supposed "victim")

    ARREST #2 – January 3, 2002

    • charged with one bogus account of assault – Sherry Major lied to Diane Blair of Victim Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) claiming I pushed her off the couch on New Year's Eve – Ms. Blair reported it to the YRP (hearsay) – YRP spoke to Sherry after my arrest and she reported "nothing happened" (because she knew the incident never happened and she didn’t yet have her lying methods perfected) 
    • detained in maximum-security Metro West Detention Centre – bailed out by my mother on January 7


    • in reality, Sherry Major had punched me in anger on New Year’s Eve and became upset when I mentioned the incident to our neighbours the following morning and laughed it off
    • I advised Sherry Major that I would no longer pay for a house I couldn’t live in – I finally smartened up and told her to pay her own bills
    • continued to see Sherry and the children every day under non-threatening circumstances (despite what Sherry claimed later), as heard/admitted at my next bail hearing in February
    • I saw my children for the last time on February 9, 2002.  The Children’s Aid Society threatened to take them away from Sherry Major if she allowed me to see them – this was additional motive for Sherry to get me out of the picture
    • I called and had a brief meeting with Judy Edminson of the CAS on February 19, 2002.  Without hearing my side of the story she threatened to make sure it would be a long time before I ever saw my kids again

    ARREST #3 – February 20, 2002

    • I called the police to "officially" report my wife’s massive fraud and suspicions she was not actually a doctor despite practicing as one for several years
    • “investigative” Detective Terry Jordan came to my workplace and arrested me!
    • back at the police station I said to Det. Jordan “What about the truth?  What about my innocence?  What about looking into my side of the story?”  He shrieked at me, “Shut the f$*# up!” and called me a “dumb f#*%ing numbskull”, then ominously uttered the words that have haunted me ever since, “I don’t give a f$%* if you are innocent.  I’m here to get a conviction and I’ll create a case against you if I have to.”  


    • I was detained indefinitely on 14 additional bogus charges, including multiple counts of alleged assaults, threats, harassment and criminal harassment charges
    • Spent 6-1/2 months in jail followed by 9-1/2 months of house arrest
    • my private investigation and trial proved that Sherry Major was a fraud artist of epic proportion –under oath, she admitted impersonating a doctor for 5 years, stealing my PIN numbers to access my accounts, that as of January 2002 I refused to provide further funding for her clinics, that the real threat was her fear that I would “publicly humiliate” her, and that her own gynecologist tried to have her admitted to a psychiatric ward – these all added up to massive means, motive and opportunity for her to lie against me
    • all charges were dismissed on June 18, 2003 and I was finally “free”
    • the trial judge issued a stern warning:  (“Without corroboration of her evidence it would be unsafe to accept her testimony.”)
    • within days, I went to get a Family Court order for access to my children – it was readily approved
    • I also went to Constable Busby of the York Regional Police (YRP) to have Sherry Major charged with assault, fraud, impersonation of a doctor, etc.  He refused to take any report or lay charges, claiming it was a case of “sour grapes”

    ARREST #4 – July 15, 2003

    • Arrested on eight more totally bogus charges of alleged harassment of Sherry Major (despite court-acquired documents years later showing that both the CAS and YRP knew I had no idea whatsoever where she even lived!!!)
    • after a supposed 3-week search for me, the York Regional Police (YRP) arrested me inside the York Region Children's Aid Society building, where I was attempting to deliver trial transcripts to prove that my wife was a liar of epic proportion and the CAS should get off my back.  Where had I been “hiding” for 3 weeks?  At my last known address that was registered with the courts!  The YRP made no attempt to find me and lied to the judge at the bail hearing, all for the sake of their ongoing smear campaign against me.
    • the phone tip to the cops came from Walter Sienko of the CAS, prior to our scheduled meeting where I intended to provide him with trial transcripts exposing Sherry as a massive fraud artist


    • Sherry Major had a new vehicle and had moved several times, due to at least three evictions, during my recent 16-month detainment.  I had no idea whatsoever where she lived (and both YRP and CAS internal documents I later acquired confirmed this!)
    • I never saw Sherry when I was in Newmarket for a Family Court appearance.  However, Sherry did know where I lived (reported to her by bureaucrats within “the system”, allegedly for her own safety).  She might have followed me, then reported it as the opposite 
    • The description of me in the police report was wrong – the lies against me failed to consider my hair was dyed blonde at the time of the incident, not my normal brown as noted in the police report
    • My cell phone records – and multiple witnesses – confirmed I was in a different city at the time I had allegedly walked near Sherry’s Aurora home.  The cell records would further confirm that I had neither made nor received calls in the Aurora area – ever!


    • detained in a maximum-security facility (Lindsay “superjail”) about 1-1/2 hours away
    • three days in a row I traveled over 2-1/2 hours round-trip in the paddy wagon to the courts, where the Crown Attorneys refused to call my case so I could even get a bail hearing – it was a daily five-hour round-trip for my parents that came to try to bail me out
    • July 21, 2003 -finally granted extremely strict bail conditions (live 2-1/2 hours away at my father’s cottage, observe a curfew of 9 pm – 6 am) that pretty much amounted to house arrest (given the remote area we were in) for a charge that would typically only have a sentence of 30 days if convicted (as my lawyer argued, in effect it was a pre-penalty)
    • I knew I was totally innocent with plenty of witnesses to prove it so I had my lawyer force the issue to a “speedy” trial
    • the Crown withdrew all charges the morning of the scheduled trial October 28, 2003, citing “no reasonable prospect of conviction”
    • a few days later, I fled the country (to Poland) because I was emotionally distraught and exhausted from being harassed by the YRP – I wrote a manuscript for an unreleased book detailing my odyssey within the “justice” system, aptly entitled Crime Pays
    • I returned to Canada in late January 2004 to fight in Family Court and also attempt to have a restraining order placed against Sherry Major – both were unsuccessful

    ARREST #5 – July 6, 2004

    • I tried to have a private abduction charge laid against my wife since the police and Crown refused to do so.  Justice of the Peace Solomon at the Newmarket Courthouse refused to take the complaint, claiming that I hadn’t served my wife with notice (a copy of the documents).  I pointed out to him that kidnappers do not typically leave forwarding addresses, thereby accounting for my inability to serve notice.  After I left, Solomon called the YRP claiming to have a tape whereby I allegedly uttered a death threat against my wife.  After “investigating” and listening to the tape, the infamous Constable Busby (yes, the same YRP officer that refused to accept witnessed accounts of physical assaults by Sherry against me) called me on my cell phone and asked me to turn myself in
    • I was charged with one count of uttering a death threat and once again detained
    • July 7, 2004  -got bail after being held overnight at a police station – was allowed to moved back to my Whitby residence
    • the Crown used numerous excuses, such as not having time to review the audiotape (it was not even two minutes long!), to continually delay the case.  Eventually, a trial was scheduled in March 2005


    • after another 8 months of unjustly being controlled, the charge was withdrawn on March 4, 2005, citing “no reasonable prospect for conviction” (there never was a death threat and the taped recording fully exonerated me - this was merely part of the game the YRP and Crown Attorneys' office played and they didn't dare have the judge actually hear my recorded statement, knowing they would be admonished for wasting the court's time and money)
    • during this entire period, the YRP used the outstanding charge as an excuse to not enforce my Family Court order dated May 12, 2004 whereby they were to assist in “locating, apprehending and delivering” the children to me every weekend

    Current Update

    • Since 2004, I have unsuccessfully fought a political battle in the courts both with and without a lawyer.  Family Courts claim it’s a criminal matter and Criminal Courts claim it’s a family matter.  Either way, the York CAS & York Regional Police were never willingly cooperative - they repeatedly lied to me and used any and all excuses to not enforce my 2004 Court Order for access to my children.  I finally got permission to have the entire matter moved from Newmarket to downtown Toronto courts in 2007 and my treatment improved immediately.


    • entirely without legal representation, I acquired copies of both the York Region CAS files and the YRP files through the courts.  The YRP file contained the current address of my children, living with their mother under an assumed name in Nova Scotia.


    July 29, 2008 – Recovery of my children!!!

    • finally recovered my children in Nova Scotia
    • had full custody for one month only – since she was a flight risk Sherry was only permitted a one-hour, police-supervised visit every fourth day (note that the supposedly financially-challenged mother flew to Toronto the morning after I picked up the kids, stayed 30 days in a $250/night hotel and also hired a lawyer.  This was funded by the “abused women” groups and they continue to fund everything for her to this very day as yet another of Sherry’s many SCAMS!)

    (Note: I believe in the validity of and need for "abused women" organizations – but not when they assist con artists such as Sherry Major and don't correct the problems they helped create once they have learned the truth) 

    Aug 28, 2008

    • Judge Nancy Backhouse ordered my kids returned to Nova Scotia for school, supposedly to return to their “stable” life, despite hearing evidence that the children were moving to a new “super school” and that Sherry had been evicted from her home (she owed over $40,000 in unpaid rent!!!) and fired from her job, all while continuing her lifestyle of lying, cheating and stealing – having impersonated a physiotherapist for four years
    • Judge Backhouse’s move was a clear indication of MISANDRY (“man-hating” systemic bias against men) since it’s obvious that if any man committed even a fraction of the crimes that Sherry had he would promptly be charged and tossed in jail
    • the Office of the Children’s Lawyer (OCL) and judge were fully aware Sherry lied and told the children and others that I physically harmed them and attempted to kill her!  Sherry even claimed the birth scar on her neck was where I allegedly tried to slit her throat and that I was currently in prison for 10 years for that attempted murder.  She told various people I was involved in "organized crime" and/or was part of the "mafia".  Affidavits from Nova Scotia residents posted at this website confirm these lies from Sherry.


    • Judge Backhouse and OCL have severely bungled the case and take steps to cover their butts I wasn’t allowed even telephone contact with my children – the judge claimed the OCL “experts” needed to evaluate the “relationship” I had with the children in order to determine what was in their best interests, then promptly sabotaged any possibility of a successful relationship by only giving me two token weeks of summer access where the children were allowed unlimited daily telephone calls to/from Sherry that often lasted for two hours (including lengthy talks with the dog and cat!!!) - Sherry maliciously interfered and sabotaged any possible positive relationship I hoped to have with my kids!  It was textbook Parental Alienation tactics encouraged by the OCL and the judge (so that they could ensure that their PRE-DETERMINED OUTCOME seemed justified).

    October 2009

    • in light of the recently revealed “love letters” between Sherry Major and YRP Detective Terry Jordan (since promoted to Staff Sergeant) - the YRP has now taken a somewhat different viewpoint of my situation
    • met with Detective Mathews of YRP Professional Standards (“internal affairs”) and provided a 3-1/2 hour statement against Terry Jordan
    • both the OCL and my current Family Law lawyer encouraged me to walk away and wait for my children to contact me once they are “young adults” -I disagree since there is no guarantee my children will ever come home or want any involvement with me or their extended family if I don’t remain in their life now – I'll simply be waiting while they potentially decide to contact me one day many years from now – meanwhile, the “experts" will skulk away and cover their butts with the passage of time while the entire matter is seemingly swept under the rug – I repeatedly point out that Parental Alienation experts say that ignoring the problem will not make it go away!


    • the Family Court system refused to intervene with Sherry Major’s ongoing breaches of the Court Order for telephone contact with the children – I have not spoken with them since Sherry took them on August 21, 2009 and immediately breached the Court Order for telephone calls
    • on July 13 Judge Archibald scheduled a three-week custody trial beginning in mid-November
    • I pointed out to different judges that I consider the matter a “kangaroo court” with a “pre-determined outcome” since there are so many political butts needing to be covered in this case.  As such, I considered my participation in any trial to be merely out of principle as opposed to being reasonably expectant of a “just” outcome.  Judge Archibald smiled, noted he had reviewed the case files, then stated that I did indeed make "a very compelling case" for my viewpoint (a nice way of acknowledging that I got screwed) whereas the most recent judge, on August 5, claimed an inability to understand my view and repeatedly stated she is “very disheartened” I feel this way – if you really want to be disheartened try being me going through this mess and being taken advantage of or ignored by everyone there that was supposed to “do the right thing”!
    • the patronizing August 5 judge refused to even give me summer access to my children, claiming they need to be “prepared” – based on the many years of lies that have continually been presented to them, I asked if this meant the children needed to be told more and/or different lies as part of the preparation process – I suggested perhaps the judge and OCL might consider telling the kids’ counsellors the truth about the entire situation so that the children do not remain misdiagnosed and thus treated incorrectly as well – not surprisingly, the judge refused to directly answer my questions about how to “prepare” the children to see me and simply ignored the facts, just as so many other entities have done throughout the evolution of this case (while conveniently once again hiding behind unbelievable claims of “children’s best interests”)
    •  the custody trial was delayed while I recovered from a dislocated shoulder suffered in an accident
    • Psychiatrist Dr. Clive Chamberlain knowingly negligently and maliciously totally screwed up Sherry's psychiatric evaluation despite having a detailed and organized file pertaining to her ongoing criminal actions and sexual escapades with YRP detective Terry Jordan (I personally handed Dr. Chamberlain the "love letters" and naked pictures exchanged between Sherry and Jordan that were recovered amongst her possessions after her 2008 eviction)
    • Despite its obviously severely wrong conclusions, Dr. Chamberlain's report was used by the court as further "justification" for "the system" to continue to screw me and allow the knowingly mentally unstable Sherry to keep the children (and continue to brainwash them)
    • both the Toronto Star and Toronto Sun newspapers did full-page stories related to my case (see the "In The News" page at this site), revealing the admission by YRP detective Terry Jordan of his ongoing affair with Sherry – although some of the details were a bit off, the Sun sub-headline made a clear point with "Cop gets slap on wrist after sleeping with ex of man he jailed" – at least I was vindicated in the media and this can NEVER be taken away from me – my children will one day learn the truth as to why I was really steamrolled by the police and "the system"
    • the YRP NEVER offered me any apology and NEVER allowed me to provide input or a Victim Impact Statement against Jordan – in fact, they deviously categorized my complaint as a "Chief's Complaint" to keep it "in house" rather than having it become a public complaint, where the YRP would rightfully be condemned – they lied and claimed I desired the internal complaint process – I have gone out of my way to expose the lies and cowardly actions of those who have screwed me over the past nine years – obviously I NEVER would willingly consent to having the matter buried within the political office of the Chief
    • Sadly, Detective Jordan's "punishment" was a joke - the YRP claimed he was "demoted" – I wonder if their investigation turned up other "domestic violence" victims that Jordan had affairs with?  I wonder what Jordan's now ex-wife would have to say about things - meanwhile, Jordan still makes over $100,000/year - in reality, the YRP had known for a long time of the possibility of the "$4iT hitting the fan" – when the unions become aware of such situations it is quite common for the culprit to be promoted, as happened with Jordan – then, when the media finds out about the case, the police put their public relations spin on the story – the officer is "demoted" (back to the position he held all along!!) – the Police Chief issues a statement suggesting he is "deeply disappointed" in the officer's actions, and that the officer "regrets" the situation – it's all rhetoric and LIES!!!!  They regret getting CAUGHT!!!  If you question this FACT, consider that YRP Chief Armand LaBarge used the identical words to describe YRP Sergeant Robert Penman in 2004 after Penman was charged with running a common "bawdy house" (yes, a whore house!!) after Newmarket residents complained for two years (let's leave out the part about license plates being marked down for those two years and that over 90% apparently traced back to YRP officers :) .  The Toronto Star story regarding this ran on February 26, 2004 and is noted in the blogspot link below:



    2011 updates

    • Dr. Chamberlain refused to return even one of my emails or voice messages – I reported him to his governing body, the CPSO (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario) - that got his attention
    • After a months' long investigation, the CPSO found Dr. Chamberlain GUIILTY on ALL CHARGES!!
    • The CPSO claimed Dr. Chamberlain's "punishment" was "severe" – in fact, it was a total joke – he didn't even have his wrongdoing mentioned at the CPSO website, which is almost standard procedure, so that he would be publicly humiliated, and rightfully so, amongst his peers – instead, he was called before a committee  that verbally chastised him – he simply bowed his head, muttered, "I'm sorry", put his tail between his legs and walked out the door a free man
    • I lost my children forever – Dr. Chamberlain's report was essentially the last nail in my possible recovery of them – shouldn't there have been consequences for Chamberlain, given the dire outcome I suffered as a direct result of his malicious negligence?  (Note that he rightfully could have suggested that the mother's ongoing criminal actions and severe Parental Alienation and Hostile Aggressive Parenting tactics were not in the children's best interests.)

    What was Dr. Chamberlain's true motive in screwing up the report? 

    • I warned Dr. Chamberlain in person of Sherry's lies and conniving yet convincing ways.  I requested additional time to meet with him to discuss the case, rather than the perfunctory 45 minutes that he gave me.  He REFUSED!  I immediately contacted my then-lawyer, who had a long-term relationship with Dr. C, and warned him that I thought something was up with Dr. Chamberlain's refusal to clarify facts.  The lawyer assured me Dr. C would be thorough and accurate.  I wasn't convinced.   My suspicions proved to be fully justified.
    • He claimed he simply didn't review the case file very closely.  He lied.  The CPSO accepted that lie.  However, why did I get stuck paying Chamberlain $300/hour to review the file, meet with Sherry and issue the report?  Neither the CPSO nor Chamberlain offered reimbursement for paid services that Chamberlain admitted were not performed properly.  Yet again, the recurring theme is MONEY and abuse of trust!!!
    • Chamberlain had the case file over a month in advance and actually postponed my appointment with him to allow himself more time to review it – the file was VERY organized and VERY specific as to Sherry's longstanding bizarre behaviour
    • Chamberlain was very aware in advance of Sherry's sexual proclivity and deviance (i.e. that she used sex as a tool to get what she wanted, both from me and from YRP detective Terry Jordan) –  Is it reasonable to believe that in a one-hour session with Sherry she truly managed to convince an astute professional such as Dr. Chamberlain that the 175-page case file held less value than one hour of in-person lies?  Draw your own conclusions.  Unless Sherry or Chamberlain come forward to admit what really happened in his office during that appointment the truth will likely never be known.  What is known is that Chamberlain admittedly screwed up the report yet made ZERO attempt to correct either the report or the consequences it led to.  That is inherently wrong.  I will soon launch a civil lawsuit against Dr. Chamberlain.

    The FACTS have led me to the conclusion that I was blind-sided by the PERFECT STORM with the   following conditi  ons all acting against me:        




    ·         Sherry Major and her psychopathic tendencies and willingness to forever lie to serve her selfish purposes and save her own skin, including severely brainwashing the children over the past 10 years

    ·         The "abused women" industry and the hundreds of millions of dollars it receives in taxpayer funding.  They continue to pay Sherry's legal fees even now.  (Note:  the first "abused men" care centre in Canada opened up in Calgary in 2011 – there's light at the end of the tunnel that someone is finally acknowledging that men can also be victims!)  Sadly, perpetrators like Sherry unnecessarily divert funding from REAL victims in need.

    ·         The Police – YRP obviously royally screwed me, yet no other police force I dealt with did anything whatsoever to clean up the mess created by the YRP – worse still, the Truro Police obviously had knowledge many years ago of Sherry's background when she not-so-surprisingly surfaced in Truro – it was a long-planned moved involving the York CAS, Victim Services and various police entities  - there is an entire underground network helping these "abused" women, oftentimes regardless of whether they are truly abused – despite having a Court Order for FULL CUSTODY of the children in 2008, when Sgt Rob Hearn of the Truro Police turned the children over to me at 10:00 pm he warned me to get out of the province immediately, rather than even considering getting a hotel room (which obviously would be in the children's best interests) – Sgt Hearn was an admitted "personal friend" of Sherry's – he was later uncooperative with me – read between the lines on this matter

    ·         The York CAS – they poisoned the entire batch, such that other CAS regions were uncooperative with me

    ·         The OCL – they screwed the case up many years ago and maliciously sought to cover their butts ever since

    ·         The misandric ("man-hating") Family Court system, whose actions clearly indicate an unwillingness to consistently acknowledge that fathers are capable of being more than just a pay cheque in their children's lives – especially Family Court judge Nancy Backhouse for her failure to APPLY THE FACTS to this case and instead willingly participate in this sham while hiding behind the disingenuous lies of "children's best interests" as she collects her huge civil servant income

    ·          NIVA (New Identities for Victims of Abuse) – NIVA knew Sherry was a fraud artist who did NOT have custody of the children but the Privacy Act somewhat prevented them from warning others about her – they simply said they were "involved" with her but refused to go so far as to state that their investigation into her had discovered there was no merit to her NIVA application

    ·         General societal indifference – at various points in time, many people knew Sherry was a lying fraud artist and child abductor yet they did nothing about it – this large group includes the following: 

    o    the children's school board superintendent and senior officials, including teachers, the principal and vice-principal

    o    the children's counsellors at "Christian" Ministries Counselling (in particular Executive Director Brian Schrock, who refused to speak to me and instead threatened me c/o his paid lawyer) in Truro – apparently it's good business to run a counselling centre using the guise of being a good Christian when in reality you knowingly participate in the charades of an admitted fraud artist and child abductor

    o    the children's N.S. psychiatrist (Dr. Cornelis DeBoer)

    o    Toronto psychiatrist Dr. Clive Chamberlain

    o    the Salvation Army (including a rep who admitted off the record, "People talk, we know …")

    o    numerous charities and businesses that were ripped off by Sherry (they simply opted to be content to be rid of her)

    o    Revenue Canada and Social Services (their fraud investigations unnecessarily drag on for many years)

    o    Victim Services (who claim to have no affiliation with the YRP, yet they operate from secret locations WITHIN the YRP police stations!),

    o    VWAP (Victim Witness Assistance Program) since they refuse to admit that a man can be a victim – they are ONLY there to help supposed female victims,

    o    the media (they have been somewhat slow to react to the decades of abuse suffered by fathers) – especially the Truro Daily News for running a story about Sherry's cancer donations, then their refusal to deal with the fact that the dying cancer victim KNEW Sherry used the dying woman's circumstances to steal donation money!!!

    o    the York Region Attorney General's Office (who refused to cooperate with me)

    o     many others

    In light of the above, I came to the difficult realization that the system is corrupt and cares first and foremost about money and "cover your a$$" (just as my previous lawyer had told me).  On the tenth anniversary of this legal nightmare I informed the Family Court that I refused to continue to participate in its charades.  OCL lawyer Carolyn Leach refused to acknowledge the obvious severe levels of Parental Alienation and Hostile Aggressive Parenting employed by Sherry.  I had zero access or knowledge as to the specific whereabouts of my children.  In order to prove Parental Alienation and "win" a custody trial I required access to the children – and roughly $20,000 for assessments and "deprogramming" (yes, that's what it is called).  Even then, the court and police would do nothing with the diabolical Sherry Major and she would simply continue with her malicious interference, including using the CAS and police as tools to get her way.  It would be impossible for me to ever have any semblance of a "normal" relationship with my children.  Time had clearly shown that dealing with the Family Court system was a waste of time, money and effort.  With terrible sadness, I regrettably withdrew from the delayed custody trial and was forced to officially sign over custody of the children to Sherry (a moot point anyway, considering she had kidnapped them years earlier and no one did anything about it), with no rights whatsoever to access since the control-freak  mother obviously refused to consent to such a thing and the Family Court judges covered their butt and refused to Order such an obvious thing, on the pretense that the OCL didn't approve of it.  Talk about washing each other's backs!!!

    Meanwhile, Sherry continues to rip people off for tens of thousands of dollars, including her own long-time boyfriend and more landlords.  A leopard can't change its spots, right?  My records show she has screwed dozens of victims, including several banks, of over $1,000,000 now.  Bear in mind those are just the ones I know about.  There could be many more victims too embarassed to come forward.  Are you wondering how long this will continue before something "right" ever happens?  Don't hold your breath waiting, since Canada is a well-known haven for white collar criminals.  They know that CRIME PAYS.  Speaking of which, that's the name of my manuscript.  You couldn't write fiction worse than this hellish nightmare I've been put through.  

    Although it is too late for my own situation to be prevented, I can work towards saving other men from a similar fate.  I will continue my efforts in civil court and the media in hopes of implementing positive changes on the "JUST US" system.  Progress has already been made in York Region, where judges recently threw out questionable charges against several fathers where there was no supporting factual evidence, only a police officer's testimony.  Although this was a just decision, it's a sad day indeed when we can no longer trust the police officers who are supposed to be there to "serve and protect" us.  Be wary.  

    People's reputations and pay cheques should never be more important than protecting the lives of innocent children against predators such as Sherry Major.  Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case thus far.  Only time will tell as to the long term effects of Sherry's psychological warfare perpetrated upon Quinn and Mira.