The Cover-Up


Quite simply, the York Regional Police (YRP) and the York Region Children’s Aid Society (York CAS) helped Sherry all along the way.  I acquired copies of their records via Court Order in 2008 and have posted many of the incriminating documents below.  They knew of Sherry’s crimes but did nothing, apparently finding it more acceptable to ruin my life as I ever knew it, help Sherry kidnap my children and then just bury the truth in their files.    Here are just some of the things they did to allow this fiasco to happen:

  • They took a pre-determined position of my guilt then disregarded any information that suggested otherwise – YRP officer Terry Jordan threatened to “create a case” to get a conviction
  • Despite having a psychiatrist report clearly stating I was “mentally stable” they claimed otherwise
  • Their records prove they knew of Sherry’s means, motive and opportunity to lie against me
  • They knew and wrote that Sherry was a “chronic liar” with many “mental health” issues but still helped her kidnap the children and move to Nova Scotia
  • They had evidence suggesting Sherry was the fraud artist I claimed all along
  • YRP refused to appropriately investigate Sherry Major’s crimes and charge her with any of her numerous violations of Canada’s Criminal Code (see 18 infractions on pg. 7 of complaint letter to the YRP Chief on 2003-09-03 shown below)
  • They refused to listen when I said Sherry was having an affair with YRP officer Terry Jordan – this affair was finally admitted in 2010
  • They knew that even my 2003 trial judge said it was “unsafe” to accept Sherry’s testimony
  • I rotted through 16 months of jail and house arrest to clear my name and expose Sherry’s lies.  Despite this, her lies led to another YRP warrant for my arrest just five days after my release
  • They had meetings and coached Sherry on what to do to “win” the custody battle she was facing
  • YRP obviously knew Terry Jordan had a questionable conduct record before my case
  • They railroaded me and stole years of my life with five bogus arrests and 27 charges that resulted in ZERO CONVICTIONS!  
  • They refused to cooperate with my 2004 Family Court access order to my children – they claimed they didn’t know where Sherry was – it appears that when I sued YRP in 2005 they counter-sued Sherry and delivered the documents to her N.S. home in January 2006 – despite this, they never “found” her and turned her address over to the courts until summer 2008!
  • YRP Professional Standards only “investigated” my complaint against Terry Jordan after I provided the “love letters” as evidence in 2009 – there was other evidence many years earlier
  • YRP Professional Standards processed my matter as a “Chief’s complaint” (internal only) rather than the public complaint that I wanted – this allowed them to “demote” Jordan (back to his original position after a relatively recent promotion) as “punishment” rather than do the obvious – fire him because he can't be trusted in his position!

Also consider that the August 2008 Family Court judge, Justice Nancy Backhouse, returned the children to their “stable” home despite being fully aware of the following:

  • She knew Sherry Major was just evicted and owed her landlord over $40,000!
  • She knew Sherry Major was recently terminated from her job
  • She knew the children were moving to a new “super school”
  • She knew Sherry Major’s claims of having built a “successful business” was a lie since her reported income to the court was $11,500
  • She knew Sherry Major’s lengthy history as a lying, cheating fraud artist and could obviously realize the concerns as to her mental health
  • She knew there was an outstanding Canada-wide warrant for Sherry's arrest for child abduction
  • She knew of the information pointing to Sherry's longstanding affair with YRP detective Terry Jordan and knew the YRP would likely be uncooperative in enforcing the child abduction charges
  • She knew that the therapists for both Sherry Major and the children were totally unaware of the truth surrounding Sherry’s reasons for leaving Ontario with the children yet Backhouse forbid them from being properly informed, incredulously claiming she had “faith they will figure it out” (obviously it is not in the “children’s best interests” for their therapists to be kept in the dark!!!)

Why then would "Justice" Backhouse return the kids to such a situation? 

  • "justice" within the legal system predominantly means "JUST US" since laypeople don't have a fair chance and they can't afford the ridiculous fees lawyers charge – the system does everything it can to ensure their BUSINESS is run extremely profitably for those within it - "justice" is often reserved for the privileged … if you doubt this, spend some time reviewing and  to see how people are treated when they refuse to readily cooperate with the games "the system" plays with our lives, our money and our children.

  • She claimed she had “faith” the counsellors would “figure it out” (highly unlikely – I even noted in the courtroom that there was no need to be playing such a game given the high stakes involved) – in reality, her ACTIONS prove she simply wanted to bury the truth and screw me in the process simply because she could – judges often have HUGE egos and love to wield their "power"  (sadly, they obviously often do so simply because they can and choose to do so IRRELEVANT of the FACTS and the TRUTH surrounding true "best interests" – the "JUST US" system is just a game run by the judges to their own liking)
  • The mother almost always gets the kids (as anyone knowledgeable on Family Court matters knows) – where abductions cover a considerable period of time the term applied is “de facto” custody (meaning “it’s a matter of fact” that if you can kidnap your own children and get away with it long enough you will “win” custody .. pretty disgusting!)
  • I cried in the courtroom when describing the hellish situation created by Sherry.  Backhouse wrote that I was “emotional” and sought “justice” in this matter – she strongly disagreed with these natural reactions (failing to consider the obvious reaction anyone would have after just locating their kidnapped children after 6-1/2 years!!) … she made no mention whatsoever of the lying mother faking tears in the courtroom (doesn't that qualify as "emotional"?)
  • Already being somewhat overwhelmed, the courts prefer “open and shut” cases that don’t take up too much time – therefore, any actions to discourage a lengthy case are often strongly “encouraged” (the August 18, 2008 “Settlement Conference” judge actually expected me to walk away content with two weeks of access to my children every year while leaving them in Nova Scotia where Sherry Major would continue to brainwash them and poison their minds with her lies.) 
  • She claimed that the OCL would do a thorough analysis of the situation in providing an “expert” recommendation (despite KNOWING the OCL had previously bungled the case and that current OCL counsel, Manjusha Pawagi, had been extremely uncooperative with me)
  • She could wash her hands of this case knowing that “blame” for perceived screw-ups would be directed towards the OCL since she was obviously aware the OCL never took appropriate actions in 2003 and might now seek to take steps to “cover their butt” (just as Backhouse, the CAS, YRP, Victim Services and everyone else had seemingly done all along – originally using the “safety” guise but, once that was consistently shown to be a scam, more recently resorting to the “children’s best interests” claim)
  • I was unrepresented at the time – I have been informed that judges frown upon this because this potentially creates more work for the judge (having to explain things) but also because it doesn't pump more money into "the system" that the judges and everyone else within it generate handsome and often outrageous amounts of money from


How and why did the CAS contribute to the Cover-up?

·         the CAS receives $1.4 BILLION in annual funding from taxpayers

·         most taxpayers naively think that the CAS is a government-run company.  It is NOT!!!  The CAS is privately-owned and operated with virtually no government oversight or accountability!!!  They pretty much write their own pay cheques!!  That's ridiculous and unacceptable!!! 

·         Any failure to show a profit is contributed to by the fact that the CAS often wastes money on themselves.  Many of the staffers drive taxpayer-funded vehicles including Lexus and HumVees!!  The public would be outraged if these facts became common knowledge.

·         on AVERAGE, over 100 children EVERY YEAR DIE while being "cared for" by the taxpayer-funded Ontario CAS and its PAID foster parents!!! In 2009 120 children died in the direct or indirect care of CAS in Ontario as reported by the Ontario Coroner's Office.  The deaths were often the result of malicious gross negligence and neglect, or outright murder.  This is a significant increase from the 90 children in 2007 that died in CAS care as reported by the Toronto Star here (  The mortality rate is rising and children are at higher risk of harm in CAS care than with the child's own parents that are supposedly "unsafe".  Taxpayers unwittingly doled out to pay for both the CAS and foster parents to be complicit in the deaths of these children!!  This is outrageous!

·         Sadly, just like the CAS itself, many foster parents only vested interest in children is as a source of income … the CAS knowingly and frequently turns a blind eye to severe abuse and violence perpetrated by foster parents upon defenceless young children since doing otherwise could lead to funding cuts if the public became aware of the truth!!! and the media have helped to expose the fallacy of the CAS. 

·         the CAS has a vested interest in continuing to milk the gift horse that the Ontario taxpayers are - public awareness of ongoing CAS wrongdoing is not in the CAS' best interests.  Lying and attempting to squash parents such as me that seek accountability is in the best interests of the CAS bottom line – money!!  Hence, the CAS seeks to bury the truth as deep as possible such that even the very best of proctologists would be unable to extract it!!! 

·         About 90% of all Ontario CAS "social workers" are NOT even registered with their own regulatory body.  They are thus working in violation of the law!!!

·         in 2011 even the Ontario Ombudsman publicly spoke out about the total lack of accountability for the Ontario CAS agencies.  A massive overhaul of the system is required.

·         the CAS is run as a business that cares about MONEY, oftentimes before they care about children … this is a key component of any CAS Executive Director's written duties for the position.

·         The CAS gets about $4,200 per child of taxpayers' money just to open a file on a child.  They also receive a monthly payment for something as simple as a token monthly voice message to a client, since this constitutes an open file!

  • The CAS consistently frivolously wastes taxpayers' money in a variety of ways.  For example, I sued the York CAS, including its Executive Director, Patrick Lake, and the President of the Board of Directors.  York CAS wasted roughly $30,000 of taxpayers' money on legal fees to prepare for a two-hour court appearance against me, an unrepresented citizen.  Are taxpayers cool with that?


How and why did the OCL contribute to the Cover-up?

  • The OCL was aware of Sherry’s background in 2003 but did nothing about it – doesn’t it make sense they would want to “cover their butts” once I got this case into the light?
  • I wrote 12 complaint letters to them in 2008 and openly questioned their actions and intents, continually presenting REAL FACTS to them showing they were biased against me – they wanted me to go away
  • As noted in item 4 of Justice Backhouse’s December 11, 2008 Endorsement (shown below – “the recommendation of the OCL”) the judge TOTALLY ELIMINATED ALL ACCESS/CONTACT I HAD TO THE CHILDREN, just as Sherry planned/hoped – the OCL lawyer, Manjusha Pawagi, later unbelievably claimed she never made this recommendation – nice try!  Ms. Pawagi has also shown herself to be a liar with considerable talents – the ability to spew rhetoric and lies while doing so with a straight face.  To penalize Ms. Pawagi for her obvious lies, "the system" did the totally natural thing … NOT!!!  She was PROMOTED to become a JUDGE!!  Unbelievable!!
  • The OCL is government-funded.  If the public became aware of OCL incompetence and malicious and negligent wrong-doing while dealing with our children this could lead to reduced funding.  Just like the CAS and the YRP, the OCL attempts to lie their way out of situations such as mine in hopes that they can legally bully the often naive and unsuspecting parent.  After all, we have been raised to believe we should trust entities  such as the YRP, OCL, CAS and others.  My case is a clear example of why these entities should NOT be trusted.  Their actions are frequently based upon self-serving best interests.  Sadly, the families involved with the OCL are often just pawns in a game involving the OCL.
  • On August 5, 2010 the new OCL lawyer, Carolyn Leach, would not admit Sherry Major’s malicious parental alienation and said that even if Sherry was arrested and extradited to Ontario the OCL would still oppose me having custody of my children – yet again, this clearly shows a PRE-DETERMINED OUTCOME sought by those within the system that had severely bungled the case.

Documents to review as evidence of the above allegations: 


CAS 2002-02-19 aware of $150,000 c/c fraud and Dan "mentally stable"

YRP 2002-02-07 Det JORDAN'S NOTES (to Feb 21) IGNORE $150K Motive + CAS "UNSAFE .. APPREHEND" (p.5)

CAS 2002-02-13 They KNEW Sherry was "PLAYING BOTH SIDES"

CAS 2002-04-25 "move to HALIFAX" + Psych CONSENT REQUIRED + LIES

CAS 2002-12-23 Sherry lies + WILL LEAVE PROVINCE

NIVA Referral to program by VWAP 2002 (from CAS files) – PROOF CAS knew/wanted Sherry to ABSCOND with children!

NIVA Eligibility Criteria (from 2003 CAS file!) – Sherry could NEVER qualify!

CAS 2003-01-09 VWAP PROVES Det JORDAN LYING about involvement

CAS 2003-01-31 Sherry's LIES exposed at Dan's TRIAL + other hidden lies

CAS 2003-05-15 "OUR STRATEGY" against Dan, Quinn upset, NEW grandparents

2003-06-18 Judge's TRIAL VERDICT - Dan released

CAS 2003-07-09 notes re YRP HARASSMENT & awareness of Sherry's FRAUD

CAS 2003-08-20 Lies were "SILLINESS" "I've hurt a lot of people" "applied to NIVA" "Quinn CPR"

YRP 2003-09-03 COMPLAINT to YRP Chief LaBarge


CAS 2003-09-05 knew about NIVA intentions!!

CAS 2003-09-26 Concerns re Sherry + OPTIONS WHERE TO LIVE

OCL 2003-10-31 MY CONCERNS reported to OCL



CAS 2003-12-05 MOTIVE Sherry FLED to AVOID CUSTODY BATTLE – entirely blaming Dan

OCL 2004-01-04 report more concerns


CAS 2004-06-18 "alleged poisoning" "20-30 hard liquor bottles" – CAS does NOTHING

CAS 2004 Close File – various docs "Dad has psych problems" (despite report "continues to be mentally stable") (Pg. 9 – "These charges were also dismissed as HAVING NO MERIT")


OCCOPS 2005-04-11 Acknowledgement of my Complaint and Cc to YRP Chief

YRP 2007-11-07 Sherry wanted for Abduction – doesn't qualify for WPP or NIVA

YRP 2008-03-25 COMPLAINT to YRP Chief LaBarge

OCL 2008-10-07 REPORT on parents is "candy-coated" and soft on Sherry

OCL 2008-10-27 Report too soft – SPECIFICS

2008-12-11 Judge Terminates Dan's contact with the kids AS PER OCL RECOMMENDATION


2010-06-29 Dan's response to Judge only giving 2 WEEKS of SUMMER ACCESS

OCL 2010-07-08 Mother REFUSES PERMISSION for kids to EXPLORE relationship   

Family Court 2010-08-05 Affidavit FINAL PLEA for access to kids – with FACTS

Family Court 2010-08-05 FACTUM Re SUMMER ACCESS to kids – FACTS the court IGNORED

Family Court 2010-08-05 NO ACCESS to kids – NO TRUTH!!