For the past seven years Sherry has mainly used the bogus name (AKA) SHERRY ALEXANDER while living in Truro, Nova Scotia.   She continues to continually rip off landlords and the welfare system with her lies.  My son, Quinn, is now 12 and lives using the make-believe name Quinn "Alexander".  My daughter, Miracle, is now 11 and lives using the pretend name Mira "Alexander"The children's school officials and counsellors have REFUSED to get the children appropriate counselling and treatment based upon FACTS, apparently since it is much easier to do nothing and continue to live a lie than it is to act upon their awareness of the truth and take positive measures to remedy the situation.  Sadly, such is human nature to continually seek out the path of least resistance. 



Sherry's lies begin the very first day we met in 1994.  She claimed she had a 4-year B.P.H.E. (Bachelor of Physical & Health Education) Degree from Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland and that she had moved to Toronto to attend University of Toronto to get an Rh.D. (Rehabilitation Doctor) degree – the equivalent of a Ph.D. in physiotherapy.  Only in 2002, after I was detained in a maximum-security detention centre on bogus charges and hired a private investigator, did I realize Sherry had neither of these degrees and had never graduated from any university program.  Despite this, she claimed under oath at my trial in 2003 that she never told anyone except me that she was a doctor.  Here’s a bit of PROOF SHE LIED (Sherry's DOCTOR Claims).   



Sherry Major is not a doctor, never was a doctor and probably never will be a doctor but she had a clinic and masqueraded as a doctor for five years .  Her business name was Major Health and Rehabilitation.   

If you or someone you know was a former classmate or a former patient that visited Sherry I would like to hear from you.  Please contact me 



In the spring of 2000 Sherry faked having terminal cancer to get pity from me while buying herself some time before I realized she wasn’t a doctor.  However, her obvious main motivation was to get her hands on $240,000 I just made in the stock market through her various scams.  She was VERY successful by combining this scam with her other scams, such as fraudulently tricking me into funding her clinics as well as flat out stealing money from my accounts.  I never discovered she wasn’t a doctor until I was locked up in mid-2002 and she had already bankrupted me.  Although I suspected it much earlier, I never found out she never had cancer until my trial in 2003.  If you or anyone you know have been scammed by Sherry Major while she faked having cancer, please contact me.



Sherry was pregnant in Y2K while claiming she had cancer.  She said her growing belly was “water retention” as a side effect of her cancer treatments.  Everyone believed her.  She only admitted she was pregnant TWO DAYS before birth, but even then she put me through psychological hell by saying it would a dead fetus.  I delivered the baby at home in an emergency situation.  We were thrilled.  The story was featured in the Toronto Star Miracle Baby story on December 24, 2000.  Sherry predicted in emails to friends and family that the baby would be sick for eight months, supposedly with the side effects of Sherry’s cancer treatments in her bloodstream.   The baby was sick for exactly eight months.  We now know Sherry never had any cancer treatments.  We will likely never know what Sherry did to make the baby sick unless she admits it.   If you have information regarding this topic please contact me




Sherry Major scammed me into helping to fund her small rehab clinics, all by tricking me to believe she was a doctor.  She gained tens of thousands of dollars directly from me with her lies.  She also duped me into co-signing a $37,000 business loan with Bank of Montreal to help her establish credit for MHR.  She told me it was repaid, as per our arrangements, within a short period of time.  Instead, I got scammed for the entire $37,000 plus another $69,000 BMO loan I was unaware of.  The money was taken from my home equity when I was in jail and my house was sold.

Sherry also told her family in Newfoundland that she owned Sherwood Rehabilitation Centre and had seven full-time employees.  This was a total lie.  The clinic never existed except in Sherry’s screwed up mind.  Despite this, “Dr. Sherry Major” released a medical journal that she was still selling in 2008 at her Nova Scotia clinic.  If you or anyone you know have been scammed by Sherry Major while she faked having cancer, please contact me



Sherry Major ripped me off for   hundreds of thousands of dollars    in a wide variety of ways.  Sherry’s EQUIFAX CREDIT REPORT didn’t show much of the debt because it was fraud that she did in MY name!  The money scams included:

·         Having me finance her “doctorate” education at University of Toronto from 1994-1998, tricking me to believe she would become a doctor and would repay everything. 

·         Conning me to pay off her $50,000 credit card debt supposedly related to her rehab clinics in early Y2K in addition to the $100,000 in cash advances on my credit cards she later stole!   

·         Her “Make a Wish” scam – she tricked me into thinking she was dying and I was granting her final wish by funding her “dream” clinic.  (I would supposedly recover the seemingly wasted money through a $400,000 life insurance policy).  She hid this from me until late December by intercepting my mail, erasing phone messages from the companies seeking money or just telling them I was away on business in China for several months.  It was all lies.

·         Even after my first arrest in May 2001, I gave Sherry over $30,000 to continue to fund her business.  It was like quicksand.  She tricked me to believe she needed the money in start-up and payroll expenses for her clinics.  

·         My high paying job was gone within days of my first arrest.  I accepted an out-of-court settlement in lieu of my wrongful dismissal claim (since I was let go while on paternity leave with my sick daughter Mira at the time).  Sherry had the entire five-figure amount within 48 hours. 

I only quit financing Sherry after my second arrest in January 2002, when I also told her I intended to research her background and report her crimes to the police.  Her fear of being exposed motivated her to tell bigger lies to have me arrested and detained.

If you have information regarding this topic please contact me



Sherry worried that I might follow through on my threat to report her to the police as a suspected fraud artist so she made a bogus complaint to have me arrested on May 24, 2001.  That police report proved YRP knew about Sherry’s fraud but did nothing.  The very next day Sherry admitted in writing she was not innocent.  It was quicksand and I was in neck-deep.  I naively continued to fund Sherry’s business and pay the mortgage, still thinking she was a doctor and would repay the debt.   She simply had me arrested again after I moved back home and got too close to the truth.  After the second arrest I finally quit paying for the house and all of Sherry’s debt.  I warned her that I was finally going to seriously look into her background.  Big mistake!  She knew what I would find.  She worried that her fraud and mental instability would lead to her losing the kids.  She simply told bigger lies and I was arrested a third time and held for 16 months!  Since then, I found an article about people with no conscience, called The Psychopath – The MASK of Sanity to help me cope.  Meanwhile, Sherry just continued to lie to anyone who would listen, telling several people in Nova Scotia  that I tried to slit her throat, was convicted of attempted murder and sent to prison for 10 years.  People believed her and many still do since she is that convincing.  I now know that Sherry knew all along how easy it was to get rid of me with her lies.  She was involved in a similar case 15 years ago.  If you have information regarding this topic please contact me 



After my 2002 arrests and detainment Sherry lived in our house for about six months, without paying the mortgage, until she was evicted and the property was sold as a Power of Sale.  She has ripped off every single landlord she has had since then, for at least $60,000 in unpaid rent!

Her method was consistent.  She paid a deposit, moved in and then pretty much didn’t make any more payments.  When the landlords sought payment she would often get their pity with her lies of being an abused woman.  This delayed evictions.  Even after the landlord got a Court Order to evict Sherry she would then often appeal the Order at the last moment.  This would get her more free rent since she was able to stall for another month without paying, knowing full well that she had no intent of ever paying and also knew that the landlord could likely never get money out of her since she did a lot of cash jobs and hid her money well.

The known rental victims include the following:

·         2002 – Helmut & Elizabeth Brosz, Markham, Ont.                           $5,070.00

·         2003 – Hector Nesta, Aurora, Ont.                                                         $5,040.00

·         2003 – Dr. Pirouzi, Thornhill, Ont.                                                           $7,281.70

·         2004 – Wally’s Moving (Toronto to N.S.)                                             $6,519

·         2004 – Sherry Ryan, Truro, N.S.                                                               $1,003.19

·         2004-2008 – Paul Drake, Truro, Nova Scotia                                       $40,000.00+

·         2008 – Wendy Upham, Truro, Nova Scotia                                         $1,500.00

·         2010 – Daina Hernden, Truro, Nova Scotia                                          $2,000.00+

  • 2011 – John Touchie, Truro, Nova Scotia                                                    $3,000+

If you have information regarding this topic please contact me



While I was detained for 16 months, until September 2003, Sherry frequently met with the York Region Children’s Aid Society (CAS) and told them she wanted to move to the “east coast”.  The CAS only ever had one short meeting with me, where I exposed Sherry as a liar on February 19, 2002.  The CAS decided to bury the truth in their files, despite knowing and writing about Sherry being a liar with unstable mental health.  They encouraged her to apply to get into NIVA (New Identity for Victims of Abuse), a highly secretive taxpayer-funded program run through Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC). 

Sherry knew she would never qualify for NIVA because she did not meet all the criteria.  Specifically, she did NOT have full custody of the children, as required, and she was a fraud artist with massive outstanding debt, another no-no. 

Here’s PROOF from CAS file notes (that I acquired through the courts in 2008) that they helped and encouraged Sherry to ABDUCT THE CHILDREN:


Born on November 20, 1970 as Sherry Roxanne Vardy – raised on Random Island, Newfoundland.  She is a known fraud artist that has bilked dozens of victims of hundreds of thousands of dollars using various SCAMS and also criminally abducted her two young children from their father, eventually moving with the children to Truro, Nova Scotia in early December 2003 pretending that she was an “abused woman”, since this scam has worked so well for her. 

Sherry had considerable help from “authorities” along the way, including having a longstanding “inappropriate relationship” with the “investigating” York Regional Police officer, Detective Terry Jordan, who harassed, threatened and arrested her then-husband, Dan Major, who had merely tried to report his wife’s crimes and maintain access to his children. 

Sherry Major has played out an extensive charade of “malicious lies” (as per a 2003 trial judge) to thwart Mr. Major’s ongoing efforts to have his children returned to their LEGAL home in Ontario.  Detective Jordan helped with the kidnapping of Dan’s children and helped create an ongoing attitude of police non-cooperation when Mr. Major attempted to locate his children.  Luckily, “love letters” between Sherry and Detective Jordan were found.  This proof of Dan’s claims all along that Jordan was having an affair with Sherry finally forced the police to change their attitude and treatment of Dan.  Unfortunately, York Region CAS has not yet admitted their part in the matter, although their own records (acquired through the courts in 2008) prove they knew Sherry was lying.  The CAS played a key role in the criminal abduction and removal of the children from Ontario but obviously they have little intent to admit their horrible participation in this sham.  

Sherry Major is AKA (Also Known As) any of the following, and perhaps has or will use other names yet to be discovered:











For the past five years Sherry has mainly used the bogus name AKA SHERRY ALEXANDER.


In business, Sherry has previously fraudulently misrepresented herself as an RMT (Registered Massage Therapist), a physiotherapist and a doctor (Rh.D).  She has previously admitted not being fully qualified for these positions, although she may have now completed the necessary requirements to be an RMT.  She definitely has NOT even come close to being a qualified physiotherapist.

Using various scams to elicit sympathy, or through sheer audacity, she has most recently bilked Nova Scotia business people of tens of thousands of dollars after having already bilked Ontario creditors of HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars!   The list of numerous creditors includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the following:

·         numerous landlords

·         several lawyers

·         a moving company

·         a security company

·         various utility companies

·         several former employees

Sherry is also known to operate on the guise of being a “good Christian” and is further able to elicit sympathy – and money – from her contacts within the church community, often without them even sensing they are being duped.  She favours the Salvation Army since her own father is a retired pastor, but even they are aware of some of her “misgivings” despite not doing much about it.  Sherry is masterful at the story she tells, having honed her technique over the last 15 years.  She has volunteered to work with various charities, often leaving under dubious conditions (accusations of missing cash donations have arisen more than once). 




Have you or someone you know been victimized by this woman?


Help end the cover-up!  Speak out! 


Contact me and help expose Sherry Major so that “authorities” will be encouraged to do their jobs properly.


Help bring my children home!!!